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Dalian freight forwarder introduces NOR container booking operations

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In national container shipping, it is often necessary to arrange NOR (Non Operating Reefer) exports to replace ordinary containers. This means that the refrigerated container is used as a regular container to hold ordinary goods without operating refrigeration equipment, which is commonly referred to as cold drying, cold drying, and freeze-drying.


NOR usually sends ordinary goods from China to South America in Cooler. The main reason is that there are too many fruits, beef, mutton, seafood and other refrigerated goods from South America to be shipped to China, while the corresponding China does not send too many refrigerated goods to South America. In order to send Cooler back to South America as soon as possible, the shipping company found that Cooler are used for refrigeration without electricity or created the word NOR
Normally, goods that do not require refrigeration for pallets or food are loaded to avoid damage to the container. The shipping cost of NOR is generally the same as that of small containers. For bulky goods, NOR requires more loading than small containers, and the shipping cost is also cheaper than large containers, making it a good choice