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Dalian freight forwarder introduces the process of importing dangerous goods

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Dalian freight forwarder introduces the process of importing dangerous goods
Dangerous goods, due to their inherent danger, are different from ordinary goods. When imported, there are strict requirements for normal customs declaration, customs inspection, and even land transportation and delivery. The customs for import declaration of dangerous goods has implemented a new policy since last month, requiring new dangerous goods to be declared at the destination port. The destination port customs will inspect and sample the dangerous characteristics, while the terminal customs will only inspect the outer packaging of dangerous goods. This requires customs brokers to be familiar with the declaration process for dangerous goods.


The declaration process for dangerous goods is approximately as follows:
1. Before the goods arrive at the port, Dalian Customs Broker and the dangerous goods mainly send the distribution application to the shipping company on the bill of lading and MSDS, requiring that the goods be directly transported to the dangerous goods site after unloading at Port of Dalian
2. Dalian customs broker will send the bill of lading and MSDS to the maritime bureau, make a dangerous goods maritime declaration in advance, and pay attention to the cargo manifest after receiving a receipt from the maritime bureau
3. Normal customs declaration and tax payment after obtaining the manifest
After the goods arrive at the port, contact the customs to inspect the dangerous goods. The Dalian customs broker needs to prepare all the dangerous goods documents in advance
5 If dangerous goods are sampled at Port of Dalian, the sampling documents and guarantee letter shall also be provided
Dalian Customs' fast green clearance allows for the release of dangerous goods quickly