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Dalian Zhihang Freight Forwarder Introduces Bare Loading of Magnesium Sand

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Dalian Zhihang Freight Forwarder Introduces Bare Loading of Magnesium Sand
Magnesite is mainly granular pebbles, which are mainly used to make Fire brick and refractories. Magnesia is usually packaged in ton bags, and some buyers may use bare packaging to arrange the export of magnesia in order to save costs. The main differences between bare packaging and ton bag packaging of magnesia for export are in the following price aspects


If you need to consult the shipping company for bare packaging of magnesia, many shipping companies do not accept the export of bare packaging of magnesia and must have packaging
2. When the magnesia is exported without packing, the truck that delivers the goods to the dock uses a Dump truck. If the ordinary high bar is used, the dock unloading fee is high, and not every site will accept this packing business, unloading is more troublesome
After packing, it is necessary to weigh the container to avoid issues such as uneven weight or inaccurate weight provided to the shipping company
The customs declaration for bare packed goods of 4 magnesium sand is different from that of small bags and ton bags, as bare packed goods can only be declared for the entire container or one piece of goods
Although bare loading saves some costs, it is necessary to tow the goods to the factory for unloading overseas. Therefore, the location of the foreign receiving address and the distance to the dock also determine whether bare loading is suitable