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Dalian customs broker introduces the export timeliness of dangerous goods in Dalian

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Dalian customs broker introduces the export timeliness of dangerous goods in Dalian
As a special kind of goods, dangerous goods are relatively cumbersome to export compared to ordinary goods, and the time required to prepare before exporting is also longer than ordinary goods
The approximate process and time limit for the export of dangerous goods at Dalian Port are as follows

1. Dangerous goods cargo booking requires a hazardous package certificate, performance certificate, MSDS shipping company review, which generally takes 2-3 working days
When booking dangerous goods, you can issue the MSDS Dangerous Goods Certificate, Performance Certificate, and Product Photo Business License of the goods. The production license can be used by Nan'an Logistics to review the packing and issue the packing certificate. This time limit typically takes 2-4 working days
The dangerous goods delivery vehicle must be a qualified dangerous goods vehicle, otherwise Nan'an Logistics will not accept it. Dangerous goods must be palletized when delivered to the South Bank Logistics. Due to the storage of too many dangerous goods, the South Bank Logistics cannot palletize at the dangerous goods site, and manual dangerous goods cannot be boxed
After the shipping company reviews and releases the cargo, the dangerous goods warehouse arranges for the lifting of containers, and the owner of the dangerous goods can arrange for the delivery of the goods. The dangerous goods should be delivered to the wharf as early as possible, as the dangerous goods warehouse should issue a packing certificate to the maritime bureau after loading the containers. With the packing certificate, the Dalian customs broker can issue a declaration of dangerous goods to the Dalian maritime bureau, and with the receipt of the dangerous goods declaration, the customs declaration can be conducted normally
From the above steps, it can be seen that for arranging the booking and packing of dangerous goods for export, it is necessary to prepare them at the Dalian port about 10 days before sailing, otherwise it will be difficult to catch the shipping schedule