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The main job responsibilities of Dalian freight forwarders

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The main job responsibilities of Dalian freight forwarders
For many new freight forwarders, trading companies, or import and export factories, they do not know the specific job and how freight forwarders work. I hope this introduction to the content of freight forwarding companies can provide more help for new freight forwarders and help trading companies better understand the complexity of freight forwarding work, rather than thinking that freight forwarders are simply secondary dealers who resell shipping space.
Taking Dalian Freight Forwarding Company as an example, the main job responsibilities of a freight forwarding company are as follows
Dalian freight forwarding company understands the market situation. The so-called understanding of the market situation means that if the freight forwarding company wants to do a good job, it must follow the market prices of the shipping company, the advantages of various routes of Dalian shipping company, and the expected changes in the Dalian freight market. As a qualified Dalian freight forwarding company, it must be very clear which routes and ports each shipping company has advantages in terms of prices, in order to better serve the cargo owners, Only Dalian freight forwarding companies can recommend better shipping companies for import and export cargo owners in a short period of time, such as which shipping company in the Dalian market has lower shipping costs, which shipping company has shorter voyages, and which shipping company in the Dalian market has good after-sales service, etc

2 Dalian freight forwarder company should have a full understanding and grasp of the container shipping process and international trade knowledge. A simple sale is to sell freight, and the relationship with the shipper. A good freight forwarder should help the shipper think of problems in advance, and give reasonable suggestions to the shipper in advance, such as the operation process time of Dalian Port, various policies of Dalian Customs, and the operation habits of Dalian Terminal. Only by mastering better international trade knowledge and processes can Dalian freight forwarding company have equal communication and dialogue with the cargo owner. Otherwise, it will be a mistake and the cargo owner will not be able to trust Dalian freight forwarding company to handle the goods
Dalian freight forwarding companies need to have a good foreign agency network and professional English operators in order to better provide high-quality services and guarantees for door-to-door business, DDU, DDP, and other destination port extension services for cargo owners
Dalian freight forwarding companies also have their own advantages and characteristics. Only freight forwarding companies with certain advantages can sustain development, whether they are freight forwarding companies in Dalian or other domestic freight forwarding companies. Freight forwarding companies without advantages can only be short-lived
The work content of Dalian Freight Forwarding Company or other domestic freight forwarding companies includes the specific embodiment of the above points, including contacting the shipping company, understanding the advantageous routes of the shipping company, contacting and communicating with the shipper Dalian Port Dalian Customs, arranging for the timely arrival of goods, assisting the shipper in reviewing documents in advance, and conducting export declaration at Dalian Customs in advance, among other information